Monday, 22 May 2017

Vengeance: The Aftermath Day 2

The sun is shining, I have a cooked breakfast in my belly and I can sense it, today I am going to play better Guild Ball...maybe. 

Game 5 - David Rider - Brewers (Tapper, Hooper, Scum, Stoker, Friday, Spigot)
David was a lovely bloke and his Brewer's were painted to the highest quality. If I recall correctly, I lost the kick roll and was forced to kick for the 4th time in 5 matches. Mist kicked off and the ball ended up on Spigot. Benediction then used Stand Firm on Brisket to give her Sturdy. Mist, using a combination of Shadow Like and cover then managed to dispossess Spigot for my first goal. A great start for the Union. David then kicked the ball out and it landed at Tapper's feet...well within Brisket's territory. Hooper tried his best to avenge the goal by wacking Mist but fortunately he was left on 1 health. As my last activation, Brisket ran into Tapper and promptly tackled him, the Sturdy from Benediction proving a useful deterrent to the counter attack knock down. I then used Worth Sacrifice (Brisket's Legendary) to 'teleport' to Mist, allowing him to dodge to safety and allowing Brisket to take a clear shot at goal. She didn't let me down. 8-0. From the goal kick it landed at Tapper's feet again. Turn 2 I won the initiative roll and  loaded up Decimate with 4 as she was well in range to charge Tapper and use that sweet T <<. I also loaded up Brisket just in case Decimate fluffed her lines and needed to finish the job herself. Decimate didn't let me down. Needing 4 3+ on 10 dice, she easily hit the result I was looking for and tackled the ball of Tapper, simultaneously dodging into range of the goal and out of Tapper's melee zone. A swift dice roll later and it was all over. 12-0, What a contrast from yesterday! 
WIN: 12-0
Final play of the game, widgets set. 

Game 6 - Chris Rutter - Union (Veteran Rage, Strongbox, can't remember the rest - sorry)
My first Union match up of Vengeance and it is against Veteran Rage. This is going to be bloody (or so I thought). Just as we were setting up, Chris mentioned he wasn't feeling to great and that this would probably be a quick game. He won the kick roll but much to my surprise, he elected to kick to me. I retrieved the ball and passed to Mist who dodged up the field and promptly scored. 4-0. Chris then kicked it out the his A&G who then did their usual shenanigans and scored back. 4-4. Brisket then ran up the pitch to score my second. 8-4. Veteran Rage then took out Mist to make it 8-6. At the top of Turn 2, Chris scored a snap shot screamer with Greede to make to 8-10. I believe the ball then made it's way out the Brisket who promptly scored and won the game. A fun game of Guild Ball, but had Chris been feeling 100%,  it would have been a lot tougher for me. 
WIN: 12-10

Still, after 6 games I was now sitting on 3 wins and 3 losses which considering the start I had made on Day 1, I was over the moon with. Round 6 could have been the last round if James Long had lost on table 2 (due to how Guild Ball is played to one clear winner) but he stormed to victory meaning we had to play Round 7. 

As it was lunch, everyone was asked to leave their armies out on the pitch so the organisers could go and vote for Best Team and Best Goal. I knew I wasn't in with a shot but I set them up anyway. 

Game 7 - Chris Tamplin - Hunters (Skatha, Snow, Jaecar, Seenah, Vet Hearne, Minx?)
Chris is a fellow Southern Pundit but despite that, we had never played before. I was semi happy to see Skatha picked as his captain, she likes to play football and I'm unsurprisingly ok with that, Turns out Mist did not want to play football in this game. 
For the second game in a row, I received the ball and Mist set off an a little adventure towards the Hunter's goal. He promptly scuffed it wide, the ball hitting the post off the scatter roll. Chris didn't retrieve the ball with Minx (as she charged into Mist) which I found odd as it left Brisket able to her Legendary Play to snap the ball with Mist. Brisket then used I'm Open on Mist but as already stated, Mist was not interested and playing Football and his pass was way off target. 

Listen to Red Leader Mist! 

Not going to lie, that missed pass was a sucker punch. I should have been 8-0 up but instead it was 0-0 with my 2 goal scorers in a dangerous position as Seenah and Jaecar were still to activate. I don't mind losing my strikers if they get the goals first as the VPs gained is worth it. Alas, the game must go on. I still played my natural game, hoping Chris' dice would decide to copy mine at that crucial moment. I lost two players and Skatha scored before I could reply With Aplomb with Brisket to take it to 8-5. Skatha then retrieved the ball again and after bouncing off a surrounded Decimate, scored to take the win. 
LOSS: 5-12

With that, my Vengeance 2017 experience was over. I was gutted to have not won that final game, those 2 failed kicks from Mist killing any chance I had of winning. Such is the way of dice games. It was only that game (and the Snakeskin shot against Mat Hart) where luck was against me so I'm not going to complain...much haha. My final tally was 3 wins and 4 losses placing me 87th out of 116 players. Not great, but better than where I was on Day 1. 

After playing an entire tournament with just Brisket, it is clear she is probably the 'weakest' Captain for the Union. Blackheart and Veteran Rage are the two to take (if you are going competitive) but Brisket was so much fun. Even when my opponents were sure she couldn't score, she still gave it a damn good go. I also don't regret taking Benediction in my 10, he was AWESOME when he was on the pitch. If anything, Minx is probably in the running to be dropped out in favour of a second Captain. In a football team, she doesn't do much. Overall I was happy with the team I took and bar some bad luck, the results could have been so much different. 

Vengeance as a whole event was fantastic. The TO team were great, even when Tiebreak exploded after the first round. They kept everything flowing, there were no delays and I can think of negative that needed changing. 
Massive Congratulations to James Long who managed to win a pulsating final match and therefore with the event with his Midas led Alchemists. #TeamNottsOP. 

If you want to watch any of the streamed games, head over to the Steamforged Games Youtube Channel

Happy War Gaming! 

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Vengeance: The Aftermath Day 1

The dust has settled on another fantastic Vengeance event. Before I start, I want to say a massive thank you to Jay and his team for putting on a truly outstanding event. If you haven't read my first Vengeance article, I recommend checking it out here.

Day 1:

Game 1 V Pete O Sullivan - Hunters (Skatha, Fahad, Seenah, Jaecar, Ulfr, V Hearne)
Pete went with a mixed team but ultimately was orientated towards the football game. This was good for me as I love to play Football. Pete hadn't played much against Queen Brisket so was unaware of her shenanigans and made a mistake in leaving the ball unsnapped after Mist scored. This meant Brisket was able to use her Legendary to snap the ball with Mist, use I'm open to receive the ball and then score again. Mist was taken out by either Seenah or Jaecar (can't remember which) and he had also scored with Ulfr. Another Union player was also out for the count but I cannot remember who.
Start of turn 2 Avarrise & Greede pick up the ball and attempt to score but pick the worst target possible (Vet Hearne) who knocks Greede over scattering the ball just out of reach. Greede got up and used Where'd they Go to retrieve the ball but was out of inf to pass to Brisket. Vet Hearne then fluffed his dice trying to knock Greede down again but had also engaged Brisket. In Brisket's activation, she first tried to hit Hearne to dodge away but failed so was left with no option but to use I'm Open on Greede and hope for a successfull pass by an engaged model to an engaged model. The pass failed but the scatter was kind and Brisket intercepted it. However, this left her out of momentum so could not take the shot on goal. I had two choices:
Kick the ball into open space where only Mist could retrieve
Kick to Grace who was in the centre of the pitch.

Oh hindsight, you cruel mistress. To Pete's amusement, I elected to kick the ball to Grace, forgetting how potent (and fast) Skatha is. That single decision cost me the game as in the proceeding activation, Skatha ran up to Grace, tackled the ball then bounced around my team till she got within goal range. Bang goal Game over! It was frustrating to lose as I made a stupid mistake but hey, that is the pres-sures of  a tournament.
LOSS: 8-12

Game 2: Mat Hart - Engineers (Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchet, ???)
Mat Hart, Creative Director of Steamforged, Indirect Boss. This would be a fun game. Engineers have always been my weakness (curse you John Parish) so I was not looking forward to this match up. When Pin Vice wants to, she can easily outscore Brisket and out kill her as a Plan B. Mat's dice were cold. Like super cold, no matter how many dice he rolled, he would only get 1 net hit on his target. While this was good at the start, I knew at some point they would either become red hot, or mine would follow suit. I remember both teams scoring a goal early before Mat realised that I was more suited to the Ping-Pong goal game. Pin Vice decided to hold the ball close to her own goal behind the protection of Compound and Vet Velocity. This would be a slog. Especially as the With Aplomb to take it to 8-9 but Hoist then grabbed the ball and scored for the win. A super close game where I could have/ should have taken the win but Lady Luck abandoned me at the crucial moment.
Engineers were able to dish out enough damage to hurt my players whereas (bar Harry) I could do none. At the end of turn 2, it was 6 (or maybe 8)-4 to Mat but Snakeskin had acquired the ball and was sitting out of Compound range, ready to score me a goal, which would then allow Brisket to score the winner from the resulting goal kick. Snakeskin missed...a tap in...on 3 dice. My turn to have cold dice. Devastated. In a football orientated team, I can't afford to miss goals. In the following activations, Brisket scored
LOSS: 9-12

Game 3: Snowy - Morticians (Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Bonesaw, Graves, Cosset)
I had never played (or met) Snowy before but both him and his mate who was watching were both super friendly. His team was not haha. Obulus, destroyer of dreams. Another tough match up for my girl Brisket. However, with Bonesaw in his team I knew there would probably be goals, I just had to be patient. As with my previous games, getting the 2 goals proved to be relatively easy. Mist and Brisket were both able to score in the early turns (as well as Bonesaw scoring and Ghast taking someone out) before Obulus came to the show and hit a 6 point activation to win the game. I don't feel I did anything particularly wrong in this game, was just outplayed and out scored by a better player.
LOSS: 8-12

At this point, I was sitting second from bottom 115th out of 116 players. Only the infamous Straw (of the Battlehammer) was below me so I knew I would be facing him next. I was also 0/3 for the Tournament which caused great amusement amongst the Steamforged contingent who were playing. Lose this game, and the wooden spoon would look likely.

Game 4: Straw - Brewers (Esters, Quaff, Spigot, Hooper, Friday, Pintpot)
I was glad to see Brewers on Straw's tray. It would make for a slightly more relaxed game. I also chose an experimental line up for this game (as the preferred options clearly hadn't been working). I went with Benediction, Harry, Decimate and Minx. I would have a brawl with these Brewers if that's what they wanted. Plus Benediction's ability to hand out Sturdy would come in handy. It was a fantastic game, both players not really caring what happened as we were bottom but it made for so much fun. Turns out you get all the results you want when you hit Brewers. I also managed to get the infamous Avarisse and Greede first turn goal which caused Straw to exclaim he hated Avarisse and Greede. In return, Esters body slammed into Greede and took him out in two swings.

Cartoon impression of Greede's demise.
It wasn't all in vain though as Brisket/ Mist was able to retrieve the ball to score again to make it 8-2 at the end of turn 2. The ball was passed out to Stoker who just made a beeline for the Union goal and promptly made it 8-6. From the goal kick, one of the union team grabbed it and scored to make it 12-6 and finally end this barren run of form. I can't stress enough how much fun it was to play the Battlehammer and would love to get some rematches in the future.
WIN: 12-6

So at the end of Day 1 I was sitting pretty low down on 1/3 but I had that win and if I could win all my matches on Day 2, I would go positive which was my aim before the event. 

We then had the Q&A from the SFG team which revealed the Blacksmith's guild, and a few other stories which I cannot utter on a family friendly blog. I also got chance to sit down with the #TeamNottsOP gang and play a few rounds of Shadow Games. Turns out while they may be good at SBG, they suck at bluffing. All in all a great day 1. 

If you wish to watch the Q&A, check out the video about from Mini-Modelog (warning, may be some strong language). 

Bring on Day 2! 

Stay tuned for the second instalment of Vengeance: The Aftermath later this week. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


This coming weekend sees the return of the biggest Guild Ball event. 128 players!  Jay Finnegan of GBI is once again hosting Vengeance at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre.

One of the many benefits of living in Stockport is now my close proximity to the gaming centre which means this event (which was 250 miles away) is now on my door step.

In this article, I am going to go through my chosen 10 players for this event.

Guild: The Union
Anyone who has played me before knows I am a big fan of the Fisherman's Guild and their silky footballing skills. Having played them since Season 1 and with the release of Seasoned Brisket, I decided to give the Fisherman a bit of a break and try my hand with the dastardly Union.
They have a wide range of players which makes for a more varied play style as it opens up the option of 2 Take-outs, 2 goals which the (Shark led) Fisherman struggle to do.

Captain: Seasoned Brisket
I've always wanted to use Brisket but never really liked the Butchers so this was a perfect excuse. I have been using Seasoned Brisket almost exclusively since she was released. As a primarily football player, she immediately appealed to me. Great character plays and a fantastic legendary that when used well, means she can get anywhere on the pitch.

 Mascot: Coin
Coin was a no brainer to add in. His Bag of Coffers brings a valuable extra influence meaning when Brisket takes her full 6, there is still enough to go around the rest of the team.

Player 1: Mist
Again, another no brainer. Mist comes in as the primary striker. He has a massive threat on goal which increases even further as he gains Shadow Like when within 6" of another Solthecian model. This makes him a perfect partner for Seasoned Brisket.

Player 2: Harry 'The Hat' 
A fringe player in previous seasons, Harry has stormed into almost every team in Season 3; including mine. His Inspiring Hat makes playing football so much easier and preserves that precious momentum that I need to score/ keep Brisket out of trouble. Harry is also great at clearing out a mass brawl in the middle as his 2" melee and momentous pushes allow him to disengage enemy players at ease.

Player 3: Minx
Another player who was relatively under-used last season, Minx is now seen in many a Union and Hunter team. She gained access to Snared and Back to the Shadows in season 3 allowing her to deal out damage and snare her opponents before disengaging (meaning she can charge again for free next turn). Having Furious also means you can use Minx as an influence battery on those turns when you really need your strikers to have max influence.

Player 4: Decimate
Decimate has been a mainstay of many Union teams for the last few seasons despite losing that fabled 2" melee. Able to do consistent damage and generate plenty of momentum, it wasn't a hard decision to bring her in my 9. What makes her super useful in this team is her T<< play book result (that's a tackle combined with a double dodge for those who don't speak Guild Ball). She is also incredibly quick so is often sent to retrieve the ball (also makes her a good target for Briskets Worthy Sacrifice).

Player 5: Avarisse & Greede
Avarisse & Greede, the dynamic duo that everyone loves to hate, These guys are a great pairing and combined make a fantastic striker. However, I always struggle to use these guys to their full potential so they haven't seen much action in my team recently. That should hopefully change this week as I squeeze in a few more practice games with these guys.

Player 6: Grace
No pretty photos yet so this stock
image will have to do.
Originally Grace was not going to be in my 9 but the announcement that Steamforged Games are going to pre-release both her and Benediction at Vengeance changed my mind. She has a great chance of being included in most of my games as her ability to speed up Mist and Brisket will be invaluable. She can also throw out healing AOEs if the match starts to go against me.

Player 7: Benediction
I won't lie, Benediction is in because he looks so damn cool. From the theory hammer in the office, we came to the conclusion he probably works better in a Veteran Rage team than Brisket but I think (if he comes in) he has his uses. He can dish out Sturdy to Brisket making her tougher to knock down and similar to Harry, he provides a 2" melee with plenty of momentous pushes.

Player 8: Snakeskin
Sneaking in at the last minute (thanks to the change in the OP doc) Snakeskin is my final pick. She is a great ball carrier thanks to Clone and Nimble. Combine that with her Charmed Male and Shadow Like and she can reliably get the ball back to Brisket or Mist.

General Thoughts:

I was toying with the idea of running two captains (probably Veteran Rage) but ultimately decided I wanted more flexibility in my players. Plus after running Brisket for the last month, I am out of practice with Vet Rage so it's unlikely I would even pick him in my team. I'm sure he will return to claim ownership of the Union soon enough. I am fairly confident that I can get the job done with Brisket against most teams; Obulus being a super tough match up. In an ideal world (one where I receive the ball first turn) I am aiming to get at least one goal, possibly two, in turn one using Mist and Brisket's Legendary. If my opponent kills the ball then I just have to be patient. Given a turn or two, Brisket or Mist (maybe even Avarisse and Greede) can go fetch the ball.

Failing that, The Union will just have to bloody their knives.

Happy Wargaming!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Pair of Clever Girls Joined the Drowned Earth

A Pair of Clever Girls Join The Drowned Earth


Forget riding a motorcycle along side these beasts – ride a raptor in The Drowned Earth!

The Drowned Earth KS has started with a bang – 9 stretch goals unlocked with many more to come. They recently added one of the coolest models I’ve seen in awhile…
Meet Nix, the leader of the Artifacters faction, a group of adventure archaeologists, explorers and rogues. We’ve already seen her on foot at the start of the campaign, but now a mounted option hints at the suggestion we might see mounted versions of other models too?
She was unlocked a few days ago, and has caused quite a stir!
They’ve also added some companions for her… 

Become a Backer Today!

James Baldwin has kindly agreed to come to MSWG once the game has landed to showcase the game. Keep an eye on the blog for further announcements regarding this. 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Return to Rivenstead 2017 Tickets now on sale!

Tickets are now on sale for our next Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game tournament. 

Date: 24-25 June 2017
Where: Dorset Arms, East Grinstead
Cost: £30
Points: 1000, 1 Army
Games: 6
80 GBHL Points

Tickets can be purchased by sending £30 via PayPal to At time of writing, there are 4 tickets remaining so please email to confirm there is a spot left or if you are on Facebook, send Sam Page a message. 

The rules pack for this event can be found here:

Happy Wargaming

Tale of Many Gamers: Sam's Azog's Legion Army Month 4 Update

"What does the eye command?"

After a bit of a delay, I have finally caught up with my Tale army. Turns out moving half way up the country and starting a new job has a big impact on your hobby time in the short turn.

After missing my month 3 target I was desperate to try and meet both targets. And I am happy to say, I have done so.

This month I have painted:

Month 3 Target (warband + hero)
Orc Captain w/ Shield
5 Mordor Uruk Hai
3 Hunter Orcs - 1 Hornblower)
Gundabad Ogre
3 Spectres

Month 4 Target (paint up to 750pts)
Gundabad Troll with Scything Gauntlets.

My 750 point army now stands at

Bolg - Leader
6 Gundabad Berserkers
2 Gundabad Ogres
1 Gundabad Troll w/ Scything Gauntlets

Gundabad Captain with Shield
6 Gundabad Orcs - 3 with Shield, 3 with Spear
3 Hunter Orcs - 1 with Horn

Mordor Orc Captain
5 Mordor Uruk Hai - 2 with 2H weapons

As I mentioned in my last blog post at the end of month 2, I have had to deviate away from a pure Azog's Legion army in favour of painting up some of my backlog. I now have warbands from Azog's Legion, Dark Powers of Dol Guldor and Mordor. The 3 spectres I painted up will be added to the 1000 point army in Month 6.

For month 5, the target is again to paint another warband plus hero. The warband of troops is relatively easy to choose. I have 2 Spectres, 1 Mordor Uruk Hai, 3 Hunter Orcs with bows left over which need painting so they are automatically in. I am also planning on purchasing 3 more Gundabad Berserkers for a tournament in the middle of June so they can be added. The remaining 3 spots will be taken by whatever I can find when I dig around in my various boxes.
For the Hero it is a little tougher. I have the Knight of Umbar on foot and horse ready to paint or I could convert an old Ugluk into a Mordor Uruk Hai Captain. Now theme is out the window, I could also paint a Mordor Orc Shaman on warg. Post below on what you would paint/ want to see painted.

Anyway, enough waffle. Onto some pretty(ish) pictures.

Happy Wargaming! 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

The Drowned Earth - Available on Kickstarter now!

The Drowned Earth: First look at the Game

If you've heard about The Drowned Earth Kickstarter lately then you're certainly not alone! In this article we're going to take a brief look at what sort of game it is, and discuss some general points.

The first and most obvious point is that this is a low model count, character based miniatures game. Billed for games of 5-15 models (and working equally well with anything within this range) the game is played on a 3x3 board.

Like a lot of science fiction skirmish games, cover is important, or your models will shoot each other to pieces in no time! The game has been advertised with loads of beautiful, jungle ruin themed terrain, but the creators say it works perfectly well with less terrain, provided there's lots of cover to hide behind! In a game with a name like this, water is also a big feature, but again, not essential. It's fun to leap off tall buildings, guns blazing, and then landing safely in water. Swimming slows you down, as you might expect, and provides some cover too. But not all areas of The Drowned Earth are under water, and there's no reason not to fight on dry land.
So while the game might look like the terrain is a bit of a barrier to entry, I think most people who play games at home will have enough terrain to get by. This is especially true considering the board size is under average.

Turn Order
Lets have a brief look at the activation structure. The game is alternate activation, meaning that you each take turns in activating a single model. Each model has a personal pool of Action Points which they may spend during their activation.
However, models can also use these action points out of turn, to react against their opponent's actions, provided they have line of sight to the action. This, combined with the alternate activation gives the game a really involved, immediate feel: you're constantly interacting with your opponent, facing off in "firefights" and "duels". What's more, the orders are somewhat fluid when it comes to moving and shooting: you can shoot in the middle of a move, which creates a very cinematic feel, and often creates those wonderful moments of epic story, where an important objective is contested in a split second of furious action!

So this is probably the "Unique Selling Point" of The Drowned Earth wargame. Movement is pretty different to most other games: it's very easy to climb, leap, jump off things, swim and otherwise be awesome. Remembering that you can shoot in the middle of these forms of movement, this is a game where some pretty epic things can happen!
Honestly, when reading the movement chapter of the Beta rules (the rules are still subject to some change, although the creators have indicated the core rules will only need a few tweaks here and there), it can seem a little complicated, but actually its very simple:
You declare your chosen movement path, and if it includes "dynamic movement" (leaping, climbing, jumping down) you make a test. Each model has two movement values: if you get one success you move the short distance, and if you get two successes (called "Nailing It" in the game) you move your full distance. It doesn't matter how many different types of movement you encounter, you just test once, and measure.
Of course you can fail as well, and what happens when you fail depends on the type of movement you are encountering. Typically you just move as far as you can, and stop at the terrain which made you take the test.
Rarely, you can critically fail, when something REALLY bad happens (like falling off the edge of the building), but these really don't happen all that often.

Other cool stuff!
There are a few other rules which really give the game character, which don't fall under the above headings. All models have special rules, which is where the tactics of the game really come in. Most characters also have a "class role" such as Mechanic, Medic or Leader. These are accompanied by special rules such as infiltration, repair, heal or, in the case of the leader, Command.
Command allows a leader to take a free Command test (it doesn't cost an action point to do this) to move Action Points between friendly models (including himself) provided he has Line of Sight to them. This can be extremely useful when building a turn strategy, especially as the leader can do this multiple times until he fails a Command test.
We should also talk about the "Feat" mechanic: when taking a test there's a special symbol which overrides any other results rolled on other dice: it's an automatic success AND grants the model another Action Point. This can suddenly give a model the boost he needed to achieve something significant, or even just to duck down out of danger.
There are also the usual flame templates, stealth mechanics and other little bits of fun... including...
Dino models?! (editor - sold, where do I sign?) Well yes, indeed, apparently in The Drowned Earth, provided you rear them from egg, it's entirely possible to train and even ride dinosaurs. This isn't currently represented in the Beta rules (except for the odd tantalising reference to "troop" and "beast" models, and these will have to wait till the faction starter boxes and rulebook are unlocked. After then? Who knows!

I hope you've enjoyed this brief look at the game. To find out more head on over to check out

MSWG: Just want to say a massive thank you to James and his team at The Drowned Earth for taking the time to write this article. I am in for at least one starter team and some Dinosaurs when they are unlocked. If you wish to arrange a game at MSWG, please email

Quote of the Day: "Throw pound coins at me! I don't care if it hurts!"

Friday, 14 April 2017

Tale of Many Gamers: Sam Month 2

''Send in the war beasts!''

Better late than never, here is my army showcase for Month 2. I did get these complete on time but real life has got in the way of taking photos.

For those who didn't read the battle report between myself and Chris, my 400pt list was:

5 Gundabad Berserkers
Gundabad Ogre

Gundabad Captain with Shield
2 Gundabad Orcs with Shield
3 Gundabad Orcs with Spear

In total I had painted:

6 Gundabad Berserkers
Gundabad Ogre

Gundabad Captain with Shield
3 Gundabad Orcs with Shield
3 Gundabad Orcs with Spear

For month 3 I have to paint another hero plus 12 models. My target for this month is to paint an Orc Captain, 6 Spectres, 5 Mordor Uruk-hai and another Gundabad Ogre. I am having to deviate from Azog's legion for two reasons. First is the cost. Forgeworld isn't cheap and while I'm happy to pay the prices, sometimes the wallet just needs a break. Second is my ever growing backlog. I've decided to utilise this Tale of Gamers to try and reduce that backlog so expect to see a variety of evil models over the remainder of this tale (also the new Gundabad trolls will definitely make an appearance).

Now on to the pretty photos...

....maybe later.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Tale of Many Gamers: James G Month 2

''East rode the knights of Dol Amroth driving the enemy before them''

Finally completed my 400 point Fiefdom force for Month Two. This month I added a Mounted Captain of Dol Amroth (with dismount), a Captain of Dol Amroth on foot, three Axemen of Lossnarch, three Foot Knights of Dol Amroth and a Blackroot Vale Archer with Horn.

Forlong the Fat

Complete force

The foot knights of Dol Amroth

The Archers of the Blackroot Vale

This month also saw them take to the field of battle for the first time. They took on Michael MacDonald's Goblin Town force in a randomly selected scenario. The Goblin Town army consisted on the Goblin King, The Scribe, Grinnah, a Captain and four warbands of goblins.

The game selected was Hold Ground and annoyingly I won priority. It didn't start well with Forlong's warband consisting of the Axemen & Archers not turning up. The Captain on foot entered on the eastern edge of the board with the other foot knights with the lone mounted captain appearing on the opposite board edge.

I was able to place the Goblin King behind a ton of scenery at the furthest point away from me with the scribe choosing to appear alongside him.

The remaining two warbands of goblins appeared directly behind my foot knights!

Needless to say I promptly lost priority and was surrounded.

Despite having a banner in the centre of the formation, the combination of overwhelming numbers and being trapped led to four of my knights falling to the chittering hordes while only managing to kill a single goblin in return.
Forlong and his warband turned up adjacent to the fight to lend support while the mounted captain continued his charge across the battlefield. By the time the mounted captain arrived I had lost another three foot knights (including the banner) and two axemen. Although I was able to whittle away at the goblin numbers, the goblin scribe managed to pass every single one of his reinforcement roles with another three goblins being thrown into the mix every turn.
The presence of the cavalry made an immediate impact with ten goblins falling beneath his lance. This proved to be a little too late though to stop my army breaking. With the game ending on a 1 or 2 now, with nobody on the hill things were starting to look a bit tense.

In an attempt to score some VP's the mounted captain charged the Goblin King who had finally made it to the fight. After each heroic struck their opponent the Goblin King and seven supporting goblins were able to cut down the valiant knight.

With the death of my knight, any realistic chance I had of winning the game went up in smoke. With the Goblin King and two warbands worth of goblins swarmed onto the hill, the game ended. The goblins had won.

I had finished the game with a quarter of my starting army with only Forlong, an axeman, a knight and 2 archers remaining. None of them on the hill. The goblins had ten models seizing the objective. Neither general had been wounded but the goblin force had broken my army without being broken themselves. Goblin Town had won 13 - 0.

As with most games, deployment is key and no more so than in Hold Ground. My force had been separated early which allowed them to succumb to Goblin Towns superior numbers. My attempt to reinforce the foot knights with the archers also meant that I wasn't able to utilise their abilities as I would of liked. Six archers re-rolling to wound the Goblin King during his long trek to the battle could have been key.
Despite the loss it was a hugely enjoyable battle and I'm looking forward to learning from this game and growing my army. Next up is Prince Imrahil who will make a huge difference to the way the army plays. With him will also be another 8 Axemen and 4 Archers.

Thanks for this great article James! Until then, Happy Wargaming!