Thursday, 26 June 2014

MSWG hosts: An Unexpected Desolation (Hobbit SBG tournament)

So last weekend (22/06/14) MSWG was proud to host it's first GBHL affiliated event.

It was called An Unexpected Desolation and was 750pts with a twist. The 1 or 2 most expensive models in your army had to cost 250 points or more. The idea behind this was to play bigger points value games, in the time limit of 500pts (1.5 hours). Special thanks must go to Damian O'Byrne (current league leader) for the idea. It also provided a legitimate reason for people to bring the big boys of SBG; King Elessar, Boromir Captain of the White Tower, A Mumakil, The Watcher in the Water to name a few. Most of these models miss out in normal tournament play as they are considered too expensive to be taken competitively.
This tournament also saw the return of the much loved Wargonation scenario. After it's success at The Best Event Ever (run by the old East Grinstead club), I decided to use it again with some modifications.

Damian O'Byrne

Special rules:
Storm of claws:
While wild wargs are common allies of the forces of evil, the pack of wargs that have been disturbed here bear no allegiance to anyone except their home, and will do anything they can to eradicate the intruders.

The wargs are deployed at the start of turn 2 using the Maelstrom of Battle table from the Hold Ground scenario.  After the priority roll but before any Heroic Actions have been declared, the player with priority rolls on the chart. On a 1 the warg doesn't turn up, on a 2-3 the player without priority places the model somewhere on the relevant table edge, on a 4-6 the player with priority places the model somewhere on the relevant table edge - once placed, the warg then moves directly towards the nearest model (not another warg) - charging if possible.
In subsequent turns, after the priority roll but before any Heroic Actions have been declared, the player with priority moves all the wargs on the table towards the nearest enemy model (not another warg) - charging if possible . Once all the wargs on the table have moved, the player with priority then rolls on the Maelstrom of Battle table for any wargs that have not arrived yet or have been killed earlier and deploys them as above - there can never be more than 6 wargs in play at any one time.

Heroic actions are then declared and the turn proceeds as normal. The wargs are considered neutral for the purposes of Heroic Actions, Banners etc.

Pack Leader: At the start of a turn after 12 wargs have died a warg leader will spawn. The player with priority rolls for the warg leaders deployment as above before rolling for any other wargs. A warg leader has the same stat line as a warg chieftain. It will however get +1 attack on the charge and has resistant to magic. It has no might, will or fate.
It follows the same rules as every other warg. There can only ever be one warg chieftain on the board. If killed, it will respawn every time 8 wargs are killed.

I also modified Seize the prize (added in victory points for killing the leader and breaking the force) by making it so the prize had to be taken off any board edge but your own.

So with that in mind, 22 wargamers descended on the Dorset Arms Pub and battle commenced. The photo's that follow are in no particular order.

Tauriel is no match for the sons of Denethor and their fancy flags.
Ringwraiths battle King Elessar + co on the mordor board.

So there are most of my pictures, I sure over the coming days there will be plenty more posted on the GBHL facebook page. There were some great battles and some epic match ups. Once all the games had been completed, it was time to hand out the prizes.

The prizes were an Ambush at Amon Hen set all split according to the prize. There was also a mini raffle consisting of a Rohan Commanders box (minus the huntsman) and the remaining scout uruk-hai. I had secretly assigned everyone a number and used a random number generator to draw it. 

Personal Thoughts
I thought the event ran really well, it was a pleasure to host. Big thanks to Craig for helping me out and keeping it stress free. I thought the terrain and boards looked awesome - a big round of applause to Rick Fryer to building some stunning Gondor houses and providing amazing terrain. Another thanks to Richard of the Dorset Arms and his team for providing us with quality food and beer.
And with that, a big thanks to everyone for coming - especially those who traveled from the north. Our next event will be October 11th 2014. Keep an eye on the club facebook page and the blog for more details. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Opening Day

Today was the first official meet of the Mid Sussex War Gamers Club.

We had 12 players turn up with an even split of Hobbit SBG and 40k.
40k - Demons v Dark Eldar

Grey Knights & Space Marines V Space Wolves & Vostroyans

Hobbit SBG - Isengard V Rohan
Hobbit SBG - Harad v Goblin Town

Hobbit SBG - Rivendell V Moria

Next club is the 15th June (1pm-5pm) at the Dorset Arms. 

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at a club meet soon.