About Us

The Mid Sussex Wargamers are a Sussex wargaming club who meet fortnightly on Sundays between 1-5pm. 

We welcome new comers, veterans and both over and under 18 years; those gamers with armies, those without and beginners just interested in seeing what table top wargaming is all about.

We have players for many different systems ranging from Warhammer 40k and The Hobbit (LotR) SBG to FFG's X-wing and MTG.

The club address is:

Mid Sussex Wargamers
Dorset Arms Pub
RH19 3DE
East Grinstead

If you are interested, then why not come along or Email us for more information or just turn up on the day.

Let table top battle commence and we will see you there! 

Sam Page 



  1. Does the Club do any historical gaming with DDMM, FOG or ADLG rulesets ?

  2. I have a collection of old White Dwarf magazines (issues 191 to 315 although some copies are missing). Would these be of any use to your club members?