Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hobbit SBG: An Unexpected Journey Campaign - The Chase

''These are Gundabad Wargs, they will out run you!" - Gandalf the Grey - An Unexpected Journey

Welcome all to the second instalment in the MSWG - An Unexpected Journey Campaign. Apologies for taking so long to write it - I will try to remember the details as best I can. I think this will probably end up a lots of pictures with a little description rather than a full on Bat rep.

So anyway, where are we? After escaping the trolls Thorin and Gandalf raid the Troll horde for weapons. The arrival of Radagast also brings the arrival of a pack of Hunter orcs led by the most vile of all their race: Azog the Defiler.

In this scenario the dwarves (minus Gloin) have to escape off the opposite board edge. To win, 11 members must escape within 12 turns. As the dwarves won the last scenario, Gandalf may call a free heroic march at some point in the game. There is an endless supply of Hunter Orcs as they may respawn on a board edge after being killed.

All the dwarves (minus Gloin who is recovering somewhere) rush out of the troll lair and are immediately in danger as Azog and his Hunters charge towards them. Now in this scenario, all evil models must take a courage test to charge any model that isn't Radagast on Sleigh until either Radagast or the sleigh takes a wound. Knowing this, I sent Azog straight in Radagast hoping to kill the wizard in one turn. Fimbul was coming on from the North Board edge while Narzug was coming on from the west (left side). 

Gandalf had other ideas though and cast sorcerous blast on Azog which promptly knocked over everyone, forcing both Radagast and Azog to dismount. 

This allowed the rest of the dwarves to charge in without fear of being eaten, both Bofur and Fili taking on the White Warg. I think they killed her that turn.

Gandalf didn't have it all his own way though as Narzug charged in and promptly knocked the wizard on his backside, possibly wounding him aswell. Radagast was doing his best to avoid being smashed by Azog.

Only a timely intervention from Thorin and Bifur was able to save the crazy brown wizard. Gandalf meanwhile had called for aid in the form of Balin and Dwalin who promptly smashed Narzug into oblivion. 
Dwalin is knocked over by a hunter orc but fate shines on him and he escapes unharmed
Azog falls after the dwarves surround him to avenge both wizards (apologies, I seem to have forgotten to record the wizards' demise :/ ). Even the great Defiler cannot withstand 5 angry dwarves. However, the dwarves have been so occupied with killing the orcs that they are no-where near to escaping the board edge in the allotted turns. I have also slain  Fili and possibly Nori. 

The hunter orcs closed in a slowly began chipping away at the dwarves. Again apologies for the lack of details but I think I killed enough/ help them up long enough to win the scenario. 

Oin did fall to the blade of Fimbul in the last turn. 

So yeah, after all that, the dwarves had been chased down and were delayed in arriving in Rivendell. As punishment, no evil model was allowed to be awarded the 'Most Audacious Fellow' bonus. 
None of the dwarves who were slain in the Chase were slain outright, however Oin would miss the next scenario. 

The next scenario up is 'The Capture'. Hopefully that will be up relatively soon. Until then, thanks for reading.