Monday, 12 February 2018

Sam's Hobby Corner: Hive Fleet TBD

Welcome back to Sam's Hobby Corner.

Just before the end of 2017, I decided I wanted a change from the Sons of Russ (I know heresy) and didn't want to paint yet more power armour so that only really left Xenos armies. Tyranids have always appealed to me so it was an easy decision to pick them up.

I am still to decide on a fluff Hive Fleet name for my army but in the few games I have played so far, I have used the Leviathan and Kraken Traits. If anyone has any suggestions for Hive Fleet names, send them in the

Test Scheme for the Genestealers

Test scheme for the Termagaunts

WIP of the Broodlord

Genestealer and Broodlord 90% done. 

Since Christmas, I have picked up two of the new 'Start Collecting' boxes and one of the old 'Start Collecting' boxes which I was surprised to find on the shelf during a recent trip to WHW. In addition, I also picked up a couple of boxes of Termagaunts, a box of Genestealers, a Tyrannofex and another Hive Tyrant. Now I have my colour schemes locked in, I am hoping to fly through the painting. I have given myself a soft deadline of the Hobbit Grand Tournament as I am hoping to use all my nids against my good friend Mark.

Until next time, Happy Wargaming!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sam's Hobby Corner: Steelheart's Champions

Welcome back to the Mid Sussex War-gamers blog. Today, I am going to showcase the first warband I painted for Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Ever since the Stormcast Eternals were released, I have wanted to try my hand at painting some of Sigmar's shiniest servants but didn't fancy painting up an entire Age of Sigmar army. When Shadespire was released, I was happy to see the Stormcasts in the starter box. As such, they immediately went onto the painting tables.

These were remarkably fun to paint and surprisingly quick. I think they took about 4 hours in total.

Next up I am going to be painting the Urruk warband for Shadespire. They have been sitting on my desk since Christmas but I have been stuck for a scheme. At the time of writing, the Fyreslayer warband are up for Pre-order and they look super fun so they may jump the queue.

Outside of Shadespire warbands I am painting up my Tyranid Army as well as trying to paint my Good force for the SBG GT at the end of February.

Until next time, Happy Wargaming!