Hobbit SBG

The Mid Sussex War Gaming club have several members who are keen on  Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game (LOTR SBG), The Hobbit SBG as well as War of the Rings WotR and play regular games both on club nights and together on non-club nights as part of the wargaming club in Sussex.

We play both systems whether it is Legions of Middle Earth or the New Warbands.

We have many different Games Workshop / Middle Earth armies from Mordor to Gondor, Dwarven Realms to the Fallen Realms, want to battle through the film, or through the books?

Why not join us and take part in some huge LotR and Hobbit SBG battles. Just check out some of our previous battles and see the LotR figures and LotR scenery have have.

We have a full list of LOTR and Hobbit SBG armies and heroes including:

Wood Elves
Forgotten Kingdom
Misty Mountains/Moria
Fallen Realms

If you have the Hobbit SBG and LOTR armies whether painted or not and want a battle or if you want to give LOTR SBG a try also let us know.

We are also interested in hearing from other wargaming clubs around Sussex that want to battle us...
...we have a replica of Helm Deep, Elven ruins and Mines of Moria ready and much much more scenery waiting!

The Mid Sussex War Gaming club

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