Saturday 17 December 2016

Army Showcase: Sam's Space Wolves

"Blood of Fenris is on your hands, and there will be a reckoning between us, Magnus. This I swear upon the blade of Mjalnar" - Russ

I have been playing Space Wolves since I first started 40k many years ago. Since then, I have dabbled with other chapters (Crimson Fists, Salamanders, Ultramarines to name a few) but I have always come back to the wolves. I love their fluff and I often find that reading a space wolf related book will inspire me to paint some more models.

Earlier this year, the Warzone Fenris series was annouced GW which saw the Space Wolves embark on a great hunt to recover all the lost wulfen from across the galaxy. As a result, I dusted off all my old models and decided to repaint them and for the first time, decided on a Great Company to model them after. Krom Dragongaze and his Drakeslayers. Krom has a fantastic model and got an updated profile in the Curse of the Wulfen supplement. The Drakeslayers also got a nice formation in the same supplement so it seemed like the time was right. 
Fenris - Home of the Mighty Space Wolves
Over the last year, I have slowly been repainting (and in some cases, painting) my wolves. 

Below are what I have finished so far.

Venerable Dreadnoughts, Loki Redshield & Skjaldulf Frostbreath

Loki Redshield, my old custom wolf lord who fell in glorious battle many years ago against the Tau.

Skjaldulf Frostbreath, armed with Helfrost cannon and frostclaw.

Beware enemies of Russ!

A portion of Krom's Wolf Guard

The Red Wolf (L) and Olvir Fellhands

Pack leader Ingvar The Great (L) & Asmund Wyrdbane

The terminators of the Drakeslayers are not to be underestimated. It is told that they have even slain a Demon Prince of Slannesh and lived to tell the tale.

Einir Windchaser - Wolf Guard biker


Einir Windchaser - Wolf Guard biker
Canis Wolfborn/ Havard Frost-talon & his Thunderwolf Cavalry

Grey Hunters of the Drake Slayers

These guys are vital for securing objectives.

2 Rune Priests

3x Long Fangs, keeping the main army safe from afar.

So there is everything I have finished so far. On the table I have my Wulfen, Krom Dragongaze and a few more terminators to add some more firepower to that squad. Keep an eye on the blog for the next instalment of the Space wolf showcase.


Thursday 15 December 2016

The Kill Teams of Grinsteadus Prime

 "On the Anvil of War are the strong tempered and the weak made to perish, thus are men's souls tested as metal in the forge's fire."

Grinsteadus Prime

The system of Grinsteadus Prime sits in a strategic position. Warring parties often send small elite kill teams to try and gain a vital foothold on the planet. It is rumoured among locals that there is a mysterious gate...and that demons have been spotted roaming the barren wastelands.

Confirmed Kill Teams sighted on Grinsteadus

Veteran Squad 'Vulkan's Flame'
Noise Marines of Slannesh - Luke

Thousand Sons have been spotted roaming the frozen wastelands to the North

Even Nurgle has come to Grinsteadus!

Imperial Fists have been sent to reinforce the PDF

Like Vultures, the Dark Eldar of Cabal Morganus descend of the battlefield.

Harlequins have also been reported by locals. Intentions unknown


Sunday 4 December 2016

2017 Club dates

Please see below for all upcoming club dates and events for 2017. 

8th Jan - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
22nd Jan - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

5th Feb - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
19th Feb - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

5th March - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
19th March - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

2nd Apr - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
16th Apr - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
30th Apr - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

14th May - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
28th May - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

11th June - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
24th/25th June - Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit SBG Tournament (Details TBC)

9th July - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
23rd July - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

6th Aug - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
20th Aug - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

3rd Sept - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
17th Sept - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

1st Oct - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
15th Oct - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
29th Oct - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

4th/ 5th Nov - Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit SBG Tournament (Details TBC)
12th Nov - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
26th Nov - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

10th Dec - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm
24th Dec - Open Club - 1pm till 5pm

All 2017 dates are provisionally booked but subject to change. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes.

Wednesday 3 August 2016

The Fall of the Necromancer Campaign

''Ash nazg durbatul√Ľk, ash nazg gimbatul,

Ash nazg thrakatul√Ľk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul.''

As some of you may know, the club has its own YouTube channel where we like to post bat reps and general ramblings. Over the last 6 months, Chris and I (plus various special guests) have been filmed the Fall of the Necromancer Campaign. If you haven't had chance to watch them yet, check out the videos below. 

Final Thoughts

Chris: Loved the campaign, great scenarios, all super fun and tight games. So much love put into writing these battles and the balance is there for all to see, just look at the results, 3 good wins, 3 evil wins and 1 draw!

Sam: This was such a great campaign to play in. So many twists and turns. I think the Castellans of Dol Guldor are some of my favourite models now. They have been immense in every scenario I used them in. They for me are my models of the series.

Kieran: I have been wanting to play this campaign for such a long time. It was great to recreate the struggles of the white council, even if they were ultimately defeated. I would love to play through the campaign again but swap over to the evil side and take control of those pesky (read awesome) castellans.

Fireworks in Rivenstead: Event Pack and New custom scenario

After much tinkering and testing, the MSWG events team are proud to release the rules pack for the upcoming tournament, FIREWORKS IN RIVENSTEAD.

We have even filmed a battle report showcasing the newest custom scenario! The rules for this scenario can be found in the rules pack. See the description of the video for a link or see below.

The rules pack is still subject to minor changes but nothing major will change between now and the event. Check out the rules pack here!

Any questions or queries please email or get in touch with Sam over on the GBHL Facebook page. 

Happy Wargaming!

Friday 3 June 2016

Tournament Announcement: The Grinstead Cup 2 - A Guild Ball Event

Hey Sports Fans!

Tickets for The Grinstead Cup 2 are now on sale! Details below:

When: 10th September
Where: Dorset Arms Pub, 58 High Street, East Grinstead, RH19 3DE
Cost: £15 payable to
Rounds: Due to estimated size, this will be a 5 round event.
Spaces: 24 to start with, space to go up to 32
Sanctioned: YES...hopefully

Your ticket covers your entry to the event and also includes a buffet which will be provided by the pub. This will be a mix of sandwiches, chips, sausage rolls etc. If you have any dietary requirements/ allergies, please contact and we will talk to the pub about alternate arrangements.

As this event will be hopefully be sanctioned, we will be using the Regional Cup format from the OP document which can be found here or see below.

Regional Cup 
This is the standard expected level for tournament play in Guild Ball. Regional Cup events require Players to have a good general knowledge of the game’s rules. While experienced Players will come to these tournaments to compete for prizes, understanding should always be given to novice entrants. Players can come to these events expecting a consistent experience from tournament to tournament.

 Tournament length - A) ‘A Champion is crowned’. 
Match Win Conditions - B) ‘Play to the final whistle’. 
Round Length - B) ‘Team Tactics’. 
Team Roster Selection - B) ‘Strength in Depth’ (8 model roster). 
Match Roster Selection - A) ‘Hide the team sheet!’.

If you have chess clocks, please bring them as MSWG only have a very limited number to loan out. Please email or contact Sam Page on facebook if you are able to bring some.

To sign up, please visit the facebook event page

See you on the battlefield  football pitch!

Thursday 26 May 2016

Tournament Announcement: FIREWORKS IN RIVENSTEAD

The MSWG team are proud to announce the next LotR/ Hobbit SBG tournament will be hosted at the Dorset Arms pub on 6th November.

This will be a one day event and the winner will receive 80 GBHL ranking points.

When: Sunday 6th November
Where: Dorset Arms Pub, 58 High Street, East Grinstead, RH19 3DE
Cost: £15 payable to
Players: 24
Points Value: 475

The rules pack is still being written but keep checking back here as it will be up soon.



Sunday 6 March 2016

MSWG Newsletter - Spring 2016

Club News

Due to a previous booking at the pub there will be no club on the 20th March. All other dates are un-affected.

East Grinstead Model Railway show is being held on the 12th and 13th of March. Volunteers are needed to help man the car park on both days. Lunch will be provided. If you can help out or for more details email or ask Craig.

We will be painting and flocking our new Realm of Battle board soon. We are taking votes on how to paint it. Popular suggestions so far include Snow/Tundra theme and Desert theme, or something else entirely your vote counts so email or post on Facebook your ideas. If you would like to recommend a terrain manufacturer or store get in touch.

Upcoming Club dates
6th Mar - Open Club 1pm-5pm
31st Mar - Late Night Gaming - 6.30pm - 11pm

3rd Apr - Open Club - 1pm-5pm
17th Apr - Open Club - 1pm-5pm
28th Apr - Late Night Gaming - 6.30pm - 11pm

1st May – Open Club – 1pm-5pm
15th May – open Club – 1pm-5pm
27th May – Late Night Gaming – 6.30-11pm
29th May – Open Club – 1pm-5pm

Upcoming MSWG Tournaments
7-8th May Return to Rivenstead 2016 (two day Hobbit SBG 100 point GBHL tournament).
Details will be posted on the blog and Facebook page in due course.

Tournament Raffles
At our tournaments we will be holding themed raffles. Tickets will be available to tournament goers and club members. A great chance to win something cool with all money reinvested in club terrain. Donations welcomed.

New way to play at club
If you fancy a challenge we are thinking of hosting league games at each club. Each entrant pays a small fee and plays each other player in the league and the winner will receive a prize/ pint at the end.

Potential leagues include: 40K, Age of Sigmar, Hobbit SBG, X-wing and Guild Ball.

Opponent book
We will keep this book at club for you to write in what games you will be bringing next time and help to find an opponent or who to ask to get started with a new game system.

2016 Memberships still available

2016 Year Membership - £40
You'll receive 4 of the new black and gold custom MSWG dice
You'll receive 10% off any Tournament entry fees you attend which are hosted by MSWG and receive early access to all tickets

2016 6 Month Membership - £25

2016 Individual Session - £2
If you wish to purchase any form of membership, please send the money to the club PayPal or see either Myself, Tom or Craig at club and ask for a membership form.  Alternatively, download a form from here and bring it to the next club meeting. 

Blog Articles

We are still looking for some extra articles to put up on the blog. Army showcases, battle reports or just a simple review of a game you play, we want it! The more varied the better as it helps grow the club and attract more players. If you have something you’d like uploaded to the blog, email or see Sam at club. 

Thursday 18 February 2016

Guild Ball Showcase: The Masons

Next in my series of Guild Ball showcases, it is the MASONS! The builders of the Guild Ball world, these guys have lots of armour which makes them a tough nut to crack. They can also deal out the pain with players like Mallet and Chisel (AKA CHISSLE) but equally can score goals with relative ease with Flint. 
These guys were my second team but I haven't really had chance to play with them yet as I have been learning how to use the Fish. 

The Masons - Tower, Harmony, Honour, Flint, Marbles, Mallet and Chisel

Tower, Harmony, Flint and Honour

The Missles, Mallet and Chisel

Vice Captain Flint
I am still missing Brick from the original line up and there are also a few union players who can play for the Masons I need to get. Once I have painted my Union team I may revisit these guys. Chisel is probably one of my favourite models in the entire range, she was a dream to paint. You may be able see in the photos I gave her Wyldstyle themed hair.

Next up will be the Union showcase! Hopefully with Captain Rage!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in learning to play Guild Ball or want to test your skills, email to arrange a game.

Happy Wargaming guys!