Wednesday, 22 January 2020



     If any of you have been watching the recent Midsussex Wargamers YouTube channel you'll have seen the love I have developed for Star Wars Legion, the new(ish) tabletop strategy game from Fantasy Flight. Famed for great Star Wars games Fantasy Flight have delivered again with this brilliant tactical war game set in the galaxy we all know and love. Quality models, whilst not at Games Workshop standards just yet, each new release improves. 

     Having collected a fair few of the heroes now for both sides including Han, Chewbacca, Luke, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett and Rogue One antagonist, Director Krennic, I now find it time to actually start painting through the backlog.
I have fully painted for the Rebels:

Luke Skywalker - Commander

Fleet Troopers - Corps Unit

AT-RT - Support
     Luke and the AT-RT are from the original core set and these are about as far as I've got in a little over a year. I have painted the unit leader for one of the basic Rebel Trooper units but no further. NOT EVEN A FULLY VIABLE ARMY! 
I have made about the equivalent progress on my Empire models:

Darth Vader - Commander

Stormtroopers - Corps Unit

Boba Fett - Operative
     So with the lack of progress in such a long space of time I figure it's finally time to get on with it! Before I purchase anymore models (for any system) I want to seriously reduce my unpainted percentage - even if that means some batched speed painting!

     As you have seen by the title of this article I have chosen to begin my Empire portion and with a unit of Snowtroopers. Easy enough to batch paint as they have very limited amount of colours to them.

     I start by spraying them white, the colour of snow of course! Followed by absolutely drowning them in Nuln Oil.  *I always use Citadel Paints*

My remaining unpainted Empire.

Sprayed white and literally drowned in Nuln oil.

     After letting them dry overnight from the wash I then drybrush the entire model(s) in Ushabti Bone just to darken them up a little and give a nice effect to the cloth areas under the armour.
     For the actual armour I used White Scar. A really bright white that makes the armour pop out from the creamier coloured cloth. A clean and shiny effect contrasts well against the cloth.
     Rhinox Hide - a very dark brown used on the straps and packs for the time being.
     I have coated the bases in Agrellan Earth texture. When applied thickly it cracks when it dries and makes a truly awesome effect. A few patches of tuft grass and it looks the part!

     I'll leave them to dry for another day before going back to do another wash of Nuln Oil - this time very, very thinly; just to pull out the details. 
     Finally I will just highlight up the off-white cloth and white armour, plus paint the guns black and give a silver/metal trim as well as lighten up the straps so they aren't just one boring colour.

     Once these dudes are complete I will move onto the Speeder Bikes and the last unit of Stormtroopers.

Thankyou for reading this and be sure to look out for the next blog in not too long for further progress!

- MSWG Chris -