Thursday, 18 February 2016

Guild Ball Showcase: The Masons

Next in my series of Guild Ball showcases, it is the MASONS! The builders of the Guild Ball world, these guys have lots of armour which makes them a tough nut to crack. They can also deal out the pain with players like Mallet and Chisel (AKA CHISSLE) but equally can score goals with relative ease with Flint. 
These guys were my second team but I haven't really had chance to play with them yet as I have been learning how to use the Fish. 

The Masons - Tower, Harmony, Honour, Flint, Marbles, Mallet and Chisel

Tower, Harmony, Flint and Honour

The Missles, Mallet and Chisel

Vice Captain Flint
I am still missing Brick from the original line up and there are also a few union players who can play for the Masons I need to get. Once I have painted my Union team I may revisit these guys. Chisel is probably one of my favourite models in the entire range, she was a dream to paint. You may be able see in the photos I gave her Wyldstyle themed hair.

Next up will be the Union showcase! Hopefully with Captain Rage!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in learning to play Guild Ball or want to test your skills, email to arrange a game.

Happy Wargaming guys!

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