Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Guild Ball Showcase: The Union

''Who are the Union? A mismatched bunch o’ mercenaries, scum and criminals for the most part. You wouldn’t want to meet any of them in a dark alley late at night. 
Nobody really knows when orders from above won’t turn up and you’ll have one of them playing for you. How it is that they manage to worm their way into everyone’s teams is beyond my ken. Something to do with the lads high up in the guilds is all anyone can tell you, and even that’s probably guesswork more than truth.
All I know is that you never trust them. Watch them carefully, even when they’re on your side; they might not be next time around.''
- Flint, Mason’s Guild Vice Captain

It's time for another showcase! This time it is team 3/5 and it is the UNION! As I have started collecting more and more teams, I have also bought the relevant union members to go with them. With the release of Rage 2.0 and my win at the Grinstead Cup, I decided to invest in a Union captain and Coin (the mascot) to bring the Union up to a fully fledged team. 

I really enjoyed painting Rage 2.0 and especially liked giving him a pundit green top hat! I also gave Decimate a pundit green Beret to continue the theme. 

The Team (L to R) Fangtooth, Snakeskin, Coin (FL), Rage 2.0 (M), Decimate and Gutter

Rage 2.0, Decimate and Gutter

Rage 2.0 with his Pundit hat on. 

Fangtooth and Snakeskin

Coin the Mascot/ Bank

There are still a few union players to pick up but with the Hunter's Guild release now on the horizon, they may have to wait. The next showcase will be my Alchemists painted up by Chris Hay/ Jay Finnegan of Guild Ball Informer.

If you are interested in learning to play Guild Ball or want to test your skills, email midsussexwargamers@gmail.com to arrange a game.

Happy Wargaming guys!

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