Monday, 15 February 2016

The Grinstead Cup Review

Well that was a blast! Thanks to everyone who supported our very first Guild Ball event here at Mid Sussex Wargamers! Massive thanks to Jay Finnegan (Pundit Quartermaster and 1/2 of Guild Ball Informer) who came down from Manchester to run and TO the event. It was very much appreciated. Also a massive thank you to all the guys (and girl) from 1066 in Hastings! Your support is invaluable and I look forward to repaying the favour at Field of Screams!

Onto some pictures from the event itself and of the winners:


1st Place - Sam Page and his Fish! 

2nd Place - Oli Curant and his Masons
3rd Place - Daniel Adams and his Butchers

Best Goal - Ed Churchman and his Brewers
Best Painted Guild - Charles Nurser and his Engineers

Final Standings

I was completely amazed to win all 5 of my games in only my second tournament. I went in with the aim of winning maybe 1 or 2 but all 5? Didn't even consider it. I had 5 fantastic games which culminated in claiming a hard fought victory over my Butcher nemesis Daniel Adams (I was on a 6 game losing streak to him).

Shark was definitely my MVP with 7 goals in 5 games but then he is my captain and that is his job. Snakeskin gets an honourable mention for scoring a vital goal against Dustin's Engineers in game 4 when the game was finely balanced. That momentous tackle/ 1" dodge result is the best.

Pretty much all I hear when Shark does his thing! 

Thanks again all for attending and we hope to see you all again down south soon! 

Happy Wargaming guys! 

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