Tuesday 2 December 2014

Announcement: Hobbit SBG Painting Competition

Today we have a very exciting announcement for all LotR/ Hobbit SBG players. As a thank you for all your support this year, we have decided to run a super painting competition. The GBHL team have very kindly allowed us to host this at their Desolation of Stockport 3.0 (TBC April 2015). 

When:  Stockport 3.0 April 2014

Entry Fee & Conditions:
This competition is FREE to enter. Potential entrants must be able to attend the chosen tournament to submit their entry in person for judging. Entrants may enter a single model into each category if they so wish. All models entered must have been painted by yourself. 

Single Miniature/ Hero – This category is for a single GW Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit miniature on foot. Models may be placed on a scenic base measuring no bigger than 40mm. Only one model may be on the base, no dioramas please.

Single Cavalry/ Monster – This category is for a single GW Lord of the Rings Cavalry or Monster miniature. Only one model may be on the base, no dioramas please.

There will be a cash prize for the 1st and 2nd place models in each category.
First Place: £100
Second Place: £50

The two winners will then be judged and an overall winner will be decided. The overall winner will receive an extra £50 (for a total of £150).

There will also be a people’s choice award worth £50. This will be voted for by the players and all models from both categories will be eligible.


Kev Lawrence of Shadow and Flame will judge.

Check out the video below for more details!

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