Saturday, 17 January 2015

New Year Announcement and Hobbit SBG Video Bat Reps

A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

A few bits of information for you all regarding this upcoming year at MSWG.

  • The Club is currently CLOSED as the Dorset Arms is closed for refurbishment. Providing the building work stays on schedule, I hope to have the club open on 8th Feb 2015.

  • Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the Early Bird membership offer, I have ordered the new dice and there is a possibility I will have those for the first meet on 8th Feb 2015.

  • For those who missed out, a year membership is now £40, see the post below this one for details. 

  • I have also ordered some new scenery for both SBG/ Fantasy and 40k. If anyone has any ideas, wants, email them to and I'll take a look. 

  • Our first Hobbit SBG event, Battle for East Rivenstead, sold out in under 2 hours! Massive thanks to everyone for making our events consistently sell out. I have ordered the first round of prizes for that, keep an eye out for an unboxing video when they arrive.

So there is all the boring bits of information out the way. Myself, Tom and Chris have been busy filming lots of videos for our youtube channel. Our latest videos are Hobbit SBG bat reps where myself and Chris pit our 350pt armies against each other in Domination and a custom scenario, Capture the Flag. 

Don't forget to subscribe for instant emails when we upload more videos. 

Happy Wargaming!

Sam & the MSWG team. 

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