Monday, 27 April 2015

MSWG Painting Competitions Results

So the Desolation of Stockport has past, which means it is time to announce the winners of our Inaugural Painting Competition.

For those who didn't know, last year a very kind (anonymous) donor gifted the club with a large sum of money on the condition we ran a big Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit Strategy Battle Game painting competition.

Kev of Shadow and Flame very graciously agreed to be the sole judge of this and boy did he have a tough task. There were loads of outstanding entries and by his own admission there were many entries worthy of winning. Below are his top 3 models from each category and the winner of the Best Painted Army, which was voted for by the players of DoS 2015.

Best Painted Army - James Baldwin - Warriors of the Forest Realm

3rd Place (Single Mini) - Jeroen Felix - Thorin King Under the Mountain

2nd Place (Single Mini) - James Baldwin - Radagast the Brown

1st Place (Single Mini/ Hero) - Matthew Davis - Bombur, Champion of Erebor with Horn

3rd Place (Monster/ Cavalry) - Andy Brown - Mirkwood Spider
*Judges Quote: ''If I wasn't terrified of spiders this may have won''* 

2nd Place (Monster/ Cavalry) - Stephen Crowe - Sauron

1st Place (Monster/ Cavalry) - James Baldwin - Radagast on Eagle

 There were also Honourable Mentions for the models below from Kev.

Michael Churchill - Saruman the Wise

Thomas Harrison - Gamling with Banner

Thomas Macklen - Dwalin the Young

  Congratulations to all who made the top 3, there was a lot of tough competition. Kev was also asked to pick his overall winner and he chose Matthew Davis' Bombur and I think we can all agree, it was something special. 
The attendants of the Desolation of Stockport were also asked to vote for their favourite model from both categories and this went to Stephen Crowe's Sauron. 

I do have some photos of the other entries so keep an eye out for a post with them in very soon, or if you can't wait they over on the GBHL FB page. 

Happy Strategy Battle Gaming guys!


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