Sunday 12 July 2015

Hobbit SBG: Battle for East Rivenstead

A Delayed Battle for East Rivenstead Review (ish)

So on March 15th 2015, 22 eager War-gamers descended on the Dorset Arms pub for MSWG's first Hobbit SBG event of the year. This was our 4th or 5th event for the Great British Hobbit League. People had travelled from far and wide to attend this event (there were 3/4 people from Nottingam!) so a massive thanks to them for coming down and supporting their hobbit hobby.

Unlike last time, it was much more relaxed as we didn't have to finish 3 hours early to accommodate a 40th Birthday Party. This made my job as TO much easier as I didn't have to stress about staying on schedule, delayed lunches etc. If you have been to a previous MSWG event, you'll know it is almost tradition for the kitchen to miss someone's lunch order, thankfully this time it was mine.

For those who missed the rules pack, this event was a 750pt event with the only restriction being your two most expensive models had to add up to 250pts or more. There was 8 scenarios which were drawn out at random before the start of each round. These were the 6 standard scenarios from the sourcebook, plus 2 custom scenarios; The ever popular Wargonation and a new one for this year Catch the Pigeon. Despite there being 8 scenarios, there were only 5 games. We did this to try and prevent armies being tailored for the scenarios.

At the end of the day, there was a rather unexpected winner. The GBHL overlord himself, Thomas Harrison, had brought a pure Azog's Hunters force (without Azog though) and had somehow managed to beat the strong favourite Fellbeast army commanded by Ed Ball and win the tournament! It wasn't all doom and gloom for Ed though as he finished a respectable 2nd. James Long completed the northen domination by taking 3rd place. Damian Grantham won Best Army again for his beautiful Fellowship force, while Craig Spooner proved that claiming the Wooden Spoon also meant you won Most Sporting.
Congratulations to all the prize winners!

I'll leave you all with some photos from the event and I hope to see you all soon at another MSWG event. (Note these pictures are in no particular order).

If you wish to see more photos, there rest are in an album on my facebook page here.

GBHL Tom and GBHL Damian have also done their own tournament review for the GBHL Channel, well worth a watch if you have lots of painting to do, it is a long old video.

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