Monday, 10 August 2015

Miniature Showcase: Imperial Assault

''Imperial Assault puts you in the midst of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4 with two separate game experiences. The campaign game pits the limitless troops and resources of the Galactic Empire against a crack team of elite Rebel operatives as they strive to break the Empire’s hold on the galaxy, while the skirmish game invites you and a friend to muster strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives.''

So just before Christmas last year I picked up yet another Fantasy Flight Star Wars system. Being a big fan of x-wing and not having much money, I had originally decided to stay away from Imperial Assault. ''1 expansion based minature game is enough'' I said...

...Oh how I was wrong. Our treasurer, Tom Seccombe, said that he had something cool he wanted to unbox and show for our youtube channel. The video below I think will serve as a just explanation of why the very next day I went out and bought the core set.

I didn't stop there either. Within a few months the wave 1 expansion packs were out and I had everything bar one or two. There was only one problem, these miniatures come unpainted and I really didn't fancy painting all those white stormtroopers.

Step forward Mr James Baldwin of Yggdrasil Painting. If you have attended one of our Hobbit SBG events you have probably met him, he is a regular and a veteran of our tournaments. Long story short my Imperial Assault went away unpainted and came back looking like this! He has done a fantastic job on what look like quite horrible miniatures to paint. I can't wait to start gaming with them again. 

The Rebel heroes from the core set. 

Stormtroopers, all with squad markings on one shoulder

Imperial Officers and Probe Droids

Royal Guard and E-web blasters

Trandoshan Slavers and their pet Nexu

IG-88, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker & Royal Guard Champion

Han Solo & Chewbecca Expansion Packs

Rebel Saboteurs Expansion Pack x 2

 If you want to find out more about Imperial Assault including FAQ's and information of new upcoming releases (BOBA FETT!!) -

Yggdrasil Painting -!contact/c16fm

If you wish to organise a game of IA then feel free to email the club at

Happy Wargaming!


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