Saturday 15 August 2015

MSWG Unboxing: Halo Fleet Battles Part 2

"Well that's it then, bring the ship back up to combat alert alpha. I want everyone at their stations." - Captain Keyes

Welcome back to the MSWG unboxing of Halo Fleet Battles. In the previous blog post, I showed off all the components in their untouched glory. If you thought they were impressive on the sprue, wait until you have seen them built.

The ships are all very simple to put together, you get a detailed instruction pamphlet but after the first ship of each class, you don't really need it. When cutting out the various bits of ships (especially the curvy covenant ones) be careful not to damage the parts with clippers, it is easily done as they aren't organised on the sprue very well. The same goes for the clear bases, the plastic is brittle and it is easy to take chunks out the base if you're not careful. 

Lets get down to business.

I got so excited setting these up on the flight stands, it just screams AWESOME! Stunning models and they are just perfect. Even if I never play a game, they will look pretty on my shelf.

I'll confess I am yet to play a game but after many weeks of reading, I have some idea of how the game plays. I have all the ships built and ready to do battle. 


Master Chief!



Badass Scorpion Tank

Warthogs of every variant!

The above photos were from Gencon 2015 where Spartan Games showed off HFB and also gave a sneak preview of their 15mm ground based Halo game! It is rumoured to be landing early 2016 and I can not wait! 

Happy Wargaming!


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