Wednesday, 2 September 2015

MSWG X-wing Tournament 'Review'

“This is Red 5, I'm going in.” - Luke Skywalker

On the 22nd August 9 determined pilots descended on the Grinstead system to engage in brutal dogfights and claim the new prototype ships (Wave 7 ships as prizes). As we had an odd number I took the opportunity to join in and try out the new cards from the Imperial Raider expansion. This meant dusting off my 3 Tie Advanced and rousing Lord Vader from his eternal slumber.

After a bit of thinking and tweaking I came up with this: 3-unidentified-ships-sir. I am a big fan of the Force Unleashed video games so was dying to use Juno Eclipse.

I won't go into major game details as I honestly can't remember most of them. What I will say though is that Juno Eclipse was last lady standing in every single match. She is SO manoeuvrable and was very reliable with Accuracy correcter. Despite losing 4/5 games, the tie advanced performed well and on another day, I may have won a few more. Advanced Targeting Computer is also amazing, It turns the Tie Adv into a crit machine which helps increase its relatively low damage output.

Below are some photos from all the various games. It was nice to see plenty of different lists and different combos being used.

The Results after 5 intense rounds. Congratulations to Cadan Jones who went undefeated once again with his triple interceptor list. I'm still not sure how he manages to fly it so well, he must be related to Baron Soontir Fel.

Well done also to Ben Lee who flew the BroBots almost to perfection, losing only to Cadan.

A special mention to the MSWG Vice Chairman Craig Harrison for coming Top 4 in his debut  x-wing singles tournament. I sense the apprentice will soon become the master.

Keep an eye on the blog and our facebook page for announcements about new events. We have recently secured a Summer 2015 OP pack and are eager to run another X-wing event.

May the Force be with you...Always.


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