Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Forming a Last Alliance Army - Part 2

Welcome back to my series of articles about forming and painting my Last Alliance Army for WotR.

If you missed my last article ( can't blame you, it was almost 9 months ago), you can find it here.

The first regiment for the Númenórians i decided to paint would be a standard warriors. To finish this unit i still have to do a captain & bannerman.

The gaps are for the banner and captain. For this captain i am thinking of doing an Isildur in a black paint scheme and the crown around his helmet filed off to represent his oldest son Elendur.

For the second regiment I decided on it being the king's guard. To achieve a distinctive look but still keeping the same feel as the rest of the Númenórian force, I went with a bubonic brown trim and a red cloak.

The captain is an Eowyn model with Númenórean head and shield. As with the other regiment it is also awaiting its bannermen.

Keep an eye out for part 3 in the new year when hopefully this army will be fully painted. 

MSWG Craig

Editor Note: Sorry Craig for taking so long to post this, it had got lost in my download folder. 

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