Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Tale of Many Gamers - 40k

The Tale of Many Gamers

Over the course of the next 12 months participants shall build and paint a new army totalling to the sum of approximately 3000 points, they shall be required to complete new models each month and using their army in tabletop skirmishes as the months progress. Players shall be awarded points for playing in these battles, completing their selections and completing other tasks related to their armies.

A call to arms - building your army

Each month participants will have 250 points made available for them to spend on their armies. Participants may spend any amount of these points they however must complete at least one model a month to meet their quota. They however may not go over the maximum amount of points for that stage of the tournament.

Engaging the enemy - playing with your army

At certain points along the course of the building up your forces you shall be required to play games against your fellow participants. These games shall be played at the club and while are not mandatory are part of the spirit of the tournament and as such will be included in the points system for the tournament.

Points system

1 point for finished selections and submitting on time for uploading
1 point for competing in battles when required 2 points if you win said battles
1 point for completing the additional tasks each month

Wild cards

Players may expend their points they have earned to unlock certain 'bonuses' for their armies, each bonus costs 5 points.
- requisition order: Lord of War - the general of the army have deemed it necessary to unleash one of their most potent weapons of war - points may be spent on single Lord of War
- Requisition order: reinforcements inbound - escalating skirmishes have decreed that more forces are sent into the battle zone - the armies points for that month have been doubled (500 points instead of 250)
- Requisition order: Fortify the sector - the general of this force has seen it prudent to raise fortifications to reinforce the ground they have managed to conquer within the system - points may be spent on a single fortification
- Requisition order: Allied forces - the general of this army and another have worked out a truce of sorts - points may be spent on an allied force


Chris M - Deathwatch

Chris W - Eldar

Tom P - Alpha Legion

Dan L - Dark Wolves

Will M - Adeptus Mechanicus

Nick S - Tau

Big thanks to Jonny M for organising this all. Hopefully there will be lots of pictures to come as our participants build and paint their forces. Keep an eye on the blog for all the status updates.

Happy Wargaming!

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