Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sam Page's Azog's Legion: January/ February

''Armies of Orcs are on the move. These are fighters. They have been bred for war. Our enemy has summoned his full strength.''

By the skin of my teeth, I have completed Month 1. 1 Gundabad Captain, 6 Gundabad Orcs and 6 Gundabad Berserkers. I haven't decided on grass or snow flock yet so I am going to leave them until I can make up my mind.

The berserkers were a joy to paint, you can really tell the difference between Forgeworld resin and Citadel Finecast. I am looking forward to painting up at least 6 more maybe in month 3 or 4. 

Next up is going to be BOOOLGGGG and a Gundabad ogre to take me up to the 400pt target. It does mean I have to bench a berserker and a warrior but it is worth it to take the ogre. It also allows me to shuffle my warbands around. 

My 400pt army will be:

Warband 1:
Bolg (General)
5 Gundabad Berserkers
Gundabad Ogre

Warband 2:
Gundabad Captain with Shield
2 Gundabads with Shield
3 Gundabads with Spear

Happy Wargaming! 

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