Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tale of 40K Gamers: January Update

''There is only the Emperor, and he is our shield and protector.''

Chris Wakeling's Eldar

''Here we go my kill team 200 points exactly wraith guard with wraith cannons and a viper with shuriken catapults and shuriken cannon. I call them the bullet magnets as no-one seems to like them much...''

Nick S Tau

Month 1: tau kill team the the Ria'dras sec has arrived.

Strike team:124

Shas'ui - Aun'El Fal'shia Ria'dras :19
Pulse carbine

Fire warriors with pulse rifle x9 :

1x stealth
Photon grenades all above
2x marker drone :24

Xv8: 126

Aun'el au'taal Ria'dras:57
Airbursting fragments projector :15
Twin linked plasma rifle: 20
Expert shot

Shas'la N'dras Ria'dras:57
Cyclic ion blaster:15
Twin-linked plasma rifle:20
Feel no pain
2x marker drones:12

Jonny Munn's Death Guard

''From out of the wastelands the Death Guard March to war, ancient warriors garbed in hideous corroded, rotting power armour stride forward claiming this land as there own as a tribute to their master Papa Nurgle!''

Month 1:
Chosen with Power Axe (18+3+15)
Chosen with Plasma (18+3+15)
Chosen with melta (18+3+10)
Chosen with Flamer (18+3+5)
4 chosen with bolters (18+3)x4
Chosen with Autocannon (18+3+10)
244 pts

Tom P's Dark Alpha Eldar Legion

''A shadow hangs over the Grinsteadus system. Rumours abound that The Stranger; a notorious Drukhari Pirate Vessel, has been sighted in neighbouring systems. Drukhari scouts have been glimpsed across multiple worlds. One such band has been confirmed to be stalking the equatorial shrub-land of Grinsteadus Prime. Pray they don't take you alive...

(T) Kabalite Warriors 
9x Kabalite Warrior with Splinter Rifle 
1x Kabalite Warrior with Blaster 
1x Kabalite Warrior with Splinter Cannon 
Raider w/Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks

208 points (I'm so confused)''

Daniel Lillywhite's Space Wolves...ish

Month 1. Kill team. 
''I wanted to create a space wolf army that was turning to chaos. I decided to keep the colours very dark and add lots of skulls and spikey bits. Using the wolves codex gives me lots of conversion options. 
My list:
Lone wolf with 2 fenrisian wolves and power weapon. 
5 grey hunters with meltagun. 
3 swiftclaws with flamer. 196 points''

Will M's Skitarrii

''Finished just in time are 200 points of Skitarii! 5 Rangers with a refractor field on the Alpha, and 10 vanguard with 2 arc rifles. Now, let's go and scout out some ancient tech!''

Elliot Hughes' Guardsmen

''Unfortunately, due to the heretical incompetence of Wayland Games (may they burn), I didn't lay hands on any models until yesterday. So here is my first month's contribution!
Technically one finished model, even if the paint is still wet.
I present the first Guardsman of the glorious Vulgard Siege Corps (and regardless of the colour scheme, not traitor guard)...''

Well that was a mission. Congratulations guys, great effort from everyone. I look forward to seeing these armies progress. 


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