Monday, 1 May 2017

Tale of Many Gamers: Sam's Azog's Legion Army Month 4 Update

"What does the eye command?"

After a bit of a delay, I have finally caught up with my Tale army. Turns out moving half way up the country and starting a new job has a big impact on your hobby time in the short turn.

After missing my month 3 target I was desperate to try and meet both targets. And I am happy to say, I have done so.

This month I have painted:

Month 3 Target (warband + hero)
Orc Captain w/ Shield
5 Mordor Uruk Hai
3 Hunter Orcs - 1 Hornblower)
Gundabad Ogre
3 Spectres

Month 4 Target (paint up to 750pts)
Gundabad Troll with Scything Gauntlets.

My 750 point army now stands at

Bolg - Leader
6 Gundabad Berserkers
2 Gundabad Ogres
1 Gundabad Troll w/ Scything Gauntlets

Gundabad Captain with Shield
6 Gundabad Orcs - 3 with Shield, 3 with Spear
3 Hunter Orcs - 1 with Horn

Mordor Orc Captain
5 Mordor Uruk Hai - 2 with 2H weapons

As I mentioned in my last blog post at the end of month 2, I have had to deviate away from a pure Azog's Legion army in favour of painting up some of my backlog. I now have warbands from Azog's Legion, Dark Powers of Dol Guldor and Mordor. The 3 spectres I painted up will be added to the 1000 point army in Month 6.

For month 5, the target is again to paint another warband plus hero. The warband of troops is relatively easy to choose. I have 2 Spectres, 1 Mordor Uruk Hai, 3 Hunter Orcs with bows left over which need painting so they are automatically in. I am also planning on purchasing 3 more Gundabad Berserkers for a tournament in the middle of June so they can be added. The remaining 3 spots will be taken by whatever I can find when I dig around in my various boxes.
For the Hero it is a little tougher. I have the Knight of Umbar on foot and horse ready to paint or I could convert an old Ugluk into a Mordor Uruk Hai Captain. Now theme is out the window, I could also paint a Mordor Orc Shaman on warg. Post below on what you would paint/ want to see painted.

Anyway, enough waffle. Onto some pretty(ish) pictures.

Happy Wargaming! 

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